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Asked YourSelf Why Am I Angry?

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Mar 042015

Why am I Angry?

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We all asked this question at some point in our lifetime. The best way to answer is to ask the person to reach deep in their own mind and search for the answers. Having full control of your life is virtually impossible, since we all have bosses. This causes anger for some of us, since we may have endured a life with a controlling person, or parent. We all have rules to follow and this often discourages people when they see certain rules are ridiculous. We may live with our family and at times, someone gets on our nerves. Continue reading »

Why Worry causes Anger

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Mar 042015

Worry causes Anger



If you are constantly worrying then you are harming your body and mind, and eventually your emotions will explode into anger. Worrying often leads nowhere, since most times, the things that people worry about are out of their control. For example, if you have bill due tomorrow and do not get a paycheck until Friday and no one has the money to lend you then you have to wait until Friday to pay the bill. Continue reading »