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Jan 292013

How to Date Sexy People



It’s a given that Sexy people control the world. Quite simply, they have it all. Sexy women have tons of guys chasing after them, panting like puppies. Attractive men can have any chick they want, and for both – they have sex on demand, money is showered on them by admirers, they can have everything they want!

Everyone who isn’t attractive is looking for something who is. And because these people receive constant attention from people of the opposite sex, they can be very picky about who they date. More often than not, they plump for someone with wedge to burn.

Most vitally, don’t hit on attractive people. Instead, pretend to reject them. Better still, show interest in one of their less attractive friends, instead of paying them all the attention. Chances are, he or she will be angry at the rebuke and at the same time, curious. You also need to be confident. Sexy people see timidness and intimidation all the time, so just relax.

For the rest of us, the appeal of dating sexy people is obvious. Having an beautiful date boosts your social standing. It lifts your sex appeal. Everyone else is envious. And most of all, sexy people are just great to look at!

You need to think differently to date attractivesexy} people. They’re so used to being spoken to like royalty, what they desire is for someone to treat them like nobody special. So don’t pay them any compliments, don’t glare at them – make out as if you’re not interested in how they look.

Through no effort of their own, beautiful people have the kind of existence us

The Woman’s Guide To Love and Lasting Relationships Sign

mortals can only dream of.       

So is there any hope for the rest of us to get with beautiful people when we don’t have the looks or wads of cash? Well actually, yes. You might just have a chance, so long as you are prepared to follow my instructions and change your dating strategy.

At this time the sexy person you want should be confused about you. So blow them away by saying something like, you’d like to meet them, but they don’t meet your regular standards. Even better, you could decide|say|insist} it’s better if the two of you are just friends. This will make them try harder than ever to go out with you.

Another good idea is to never encourage them. Sexy people are so used to being lavished compliments, these just go past their head. And if you really have to compliment them, do so but then say something less encouraging to balance it out. For example, if a girl is wearing a nice dress, tell her it’s good, but then follow up and say your ex has one too. This tells her that she’s stylish, but she isn’t original.

You need to keep beautiful people wondering. When you do finally see them, be over-friendly, but then follow this up by not calling them for a few days. Or else, go on some dates, and then suddenly blow them out. They’ll be amazed.

So you see what I’m doing? It is possible to make sexy people chase you, but first of all you must make them interested.

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