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Child Protection

Keep Your Kids Safe On facebook

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Feb 122013
Keep Your Kids Safe On facebook

Tips for Teenagers on facebook   Security Surveillance A lot of teenagers enjoy using the facebook community to speak with their friends, meet new friends or just to specific themselves. Individuals who are over the age of fourteen are eligible to use facebook so there’s a large congregation of young individuals who are making and […]

Protect Your Child Online

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Feb 012013
Protect Your Child  Online

How to Protect Your Child While Surfing Online       It is quite surprising to know that your child has more knowledge about the things that you do as a parent. Many of the children have become addicted to the computers and nearly all the schools have included computers as a subject. However, before letting […]

International Child Protection

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Feb 012013
International  Child Protection

  International Organizations for Child Protection   Children, around the world are the defenseless group of the society.  These innocent children are the sufferers of exploitation and violence as they are incapable to express themselves or  defend themselves from the ill treatment. Conflicts, discrimination or Poverty often takes away their education and home thus putting […]